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Episode 173 - Achieving Product Excellence with the Product Operations Manifesto (with Antonia Landi, Product Ops Consultant & Co-Author "Product Operations Manifesto")

Product Ops
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Episode 173: Achieving Product Excellence with the Product Operations Manifesto

Antonia Landi, Product Ops Consultant & Co-Author "Product Operations Manifesto"

10 May 2023

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10 May 2023 Antonia Landi head shot

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About the Episode

Antonia Landi is a freelance Product Operations consultant and coach who fell into Product Operations thanks to LinkedIn recommending a strange new job title to her, and thinking "that's me!". She's now a passionate advocate for the value that Product Operations can bring to organisations and has co-authored the Product Operations Manifesto to help frame it with product teams and company leadership.

A message from this episode's sponsor - One Knight Consulting

This episode is sponsored by One Knight Consulting. Yes, yes, that's me. As you probably know, I've moved into freelance coaching and consulting for B2B product companies. I want to help your company, your team and your... well, you, get better at product management. If you want to chat to me about what I can do for you, why not head over to book a call with me and we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

Episode highlights:

1. Product Ops is about achieving product excellence at an organisational level

It's difficult to pin down as problems are different in every company. Maybe it's data analysis, organising processes or building communities of practice. You're there to remove blockers to being product-led.

2. You might not need a Product Ops team... yet

Many Product Ops tasks already existed before Product Ops. How much you need a dedicated team depends on how much pain are you willing to tolerate? What's slipping through the cracks? Product Ops helps you scale sustainably.

3. Product Ops is not the revenge of project managers & "process people"

There are some crossovers with agile coaching, project & programme management but we should also reclaim the word "process"… process isn’t always bad - it just needs to serve you, not the other way around.

4. The Product Ops manifesto was necessary to give people something to rally behind

There’s so much ambiguity & a need to move past the "what is it" question. They came up with a document to help product teams to understand the parameters (and prerequisites) of the function.

5. About those prerequisites...

The most important is the ability to affect change - without this, Product Ops people just become process people or team assistants. On the other hand, these prerequisites are 100% valid for just generally being a good product company.

Check out the Product Operations Manifesto

"Product Operations empowers product organizations to collectively, effectively and efficiently drive the most meaningful outcomes for customers"

Check out the Product Operations Manifesto and feel free to add your name to the list!

Contact Antonia

You can connect with Antonia on LinkedIn.

Antonia Landi and me before the recording