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Episode 154 - Learning the Bedrock Skills of Innovators & Entrepreneurs (with Bob Moesta, Co-creator of the Jobs to be Done Framework & Author "Learning to Build")

Jobs to be Done

Episode 154: Learning the Bedrock Skills of Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Bob Moesta, Co-creator of the Jobs to be Done Framework & Author "Learning to Build"

4 December 2022

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4 December 2022 Bob Moesta head shot

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About the Episode

Bob Moesta is the co-creator of the Jobs to be Done Framework, a now-ubiquitous methodology to identify "struggling moments" and understand the driving forces behind customer demand. He worked on this with the legendary Clayton Christensen to take it out the world and followed it up with books about demand-side sales and, now, how to use the principles of the greatest innovators to help you succeed as an entrepreneur.

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This episode is sponsored by One Knight Consulting. Yes, yes, that's me. But listen up. I started One Knight Consulting because I have seen variations of the same problems plaguing growing startups, scale-ups and larger, digitally transforming companies again & again. These problems can cause friction between teams, slow product development, lacklustre sales, and ultimately lead to constrained growth. If you're scaling your product organisation, struggling with cross-team alignment or having trouble executing your product strategy to support your business goals, book a call with me and we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

Episode highlights:

Bob is dyslexic, and Jobs to be Done was his hack to understand the world

Bob has trouble reading and writing, and this forced him to admit what he didn't know and find ways to get customer insight that didn't involve reading reports. Jobs to be Done was the result.

Clayton Christensen helped him turn his hack into a framework

Bob's hack became an indispensable framework to identify customer motivation, with applications through sales, product, design... even religion & HR! The importance of uncovering "struggling moments" is universal.

Bob is passionate about mentorship and paying it forward

Bob has had great mentors throughout his life: Clayton Christensen, W. Edwards Deming, Willie Moore & Genichi Taguchi. They poured so much into him, all in different ways, & he feels obliged to pay forward what he learned

In many organisations, there's more energy spent arguing between functions than serving customers

Product, marketing, sales & customer success need to stop shouting at each other and concentrate on helping their customers make progress. We're all on the same side!

All the best innovators in the world have a core set of skills

The 5 bedrock skills of innovation are: Empathetic Perspective, Uncovering Demand, Causal Structures, Prototyping & Trade-offs. To have the best chance of success you must master them all or find people to help.

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Contact Bob

You can connect with Bob on Twitter, LinkedIn or check out The Re-Wired Group.

Bob Moesta and me before the recording