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Episode 177 - Landing That Perfect Role by Finding Your Inevitable Edge (with Erika Klics, Job Search Strategist & Founder @ ErikaKlics.com)

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Episode 177: Landing That Perfect Role by Finding Your Inevitable Edge

Erika Klics, Job Search Strategist & Founder @ ErikaKlics.com

8 June 2023

8 June 2023 Erika Klics head shot

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Content Warning - May Contain Adult Language or Themes
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About the Episode

Erika Klics is a former talent manager who worked for companies like Snap Inc and Zapier to help them build their teams. She started to see certain patterns in recruiting that made her realise that there was a bigger problem to solve on the candidate side, and started her own consultancy to help goal-driven professionals achieve their career aims. We spoke about her work, and some general do's and don'ts of job hunting.

Episode highlights:

1. Everyone has an Inevitable Edge

Your Inevitable Edge is the thing that makes you unique. No one else brings it to the table. Everyone has a juxtaposition of skills & experiences that makes them unique. It's important to identify & leverage it to be successful when job hunting.

2. Be intentional with your job search criteria

Don't just make a list of literally every job that matches a search term & scroll through it one by one. You need to understand what company profiles are truly a fit for you and avoid spraying and praying.

3. Get your story straight

It's all about positioning - we should be good at this! Being able to tell your unique story is important, but make sure you pitch it at the right level, set appropriate context & don't go too deep on interesting, but ultimately irrelevant, stories.

4. Companies don't hire people, humans do

You need to make a human connection with everyone you meet during the interview process. Build empathy with them and work out what they care about, why they're asking the questions they're asking and listen between the lines.

5. Don't "settle" for a job you don't want

When times are hard, it's easy to cast your net out for unsuitable/too-junior jobs. You'll get interviews because they're curious, but you won't get hired. This will knock your confidence. If you do get the job, you'll probably hate it.

Contact Erika

You can catch up with Erika on LinkedIn or visit her website, ErikaKlics.com.

Erika Klics and me before the recording