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Episode 151 - Team Change is Inevitable - What's Important is How we Respond to It (with Heidi Helfand, Author "Dynamic Reteaming")

Team Building

Episode 151: Team Change is Inevitable - What's Important is How we Respond to It

Heidi Helfand, Author "Dynamic Reteaming"

13 November 2022

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About the Episode

Heidi Helfand is an engineering leader, consultant, coach, speaker and author who says that we need to "make the most of the time we have with people". Throughout her career she's noted how team change is inevitable and wanted to help companies navigate it with her book "Dynamic Reteaming".

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Episode highlights:

Team change is inevitable but what's important is how you deal with it

Even if you're going for long-lived mission-based teams, they're still going to change through attrition, company growth, lay-offs or mergers. It's important to manage this change effectively.

Dynamic Reteaming helps you however you decide to set up your teams

Books like Team Topologies tell you how to set up your teams to deliver value effectively. Dynamic Reteaming can work hand in hand with that approach and help you get there.

Team members don't always get to choose what happens

Sometimes people & teams will get moved around & sometimes this change will come top-down. It's ideal for team members to have a say, but ultimately it's important for the leadership to communicate, communicate. communicate

Bottom-up reteaming can work but your mileage might vary

Some companies allow people to decide what teams they work on, but your mileage may vary and, ultimately, in many companies, it's important to mix grassroots and executive input to get true success

Dynamic Reteaming offers a playbook for different types of team changes

The patterns within Dynamic Reteaming include people-focused approaches to use before and after team changes. The most important principles are to be kind, thoughtful and to treat people with respect.

Buy "Dynamic Reteaming"

Dynamic Reteaming cover

"Your team will change whether you like it or not. People will come and go. Your company might double in size or even be acquired. In this practical book, author Heidi Helfand shares techniques for reteaming effectively. Engineering leaders will learn how to catalyze team change to reduce the risk of attrition, learning and career stagnation, and the development of knowledge silos. Based on research into well-known software companies, the patterns in this book help CTOs and team managers effectively integrate new hires into an existing team, manage a team that has lost members, or deal with unexpected change"

Check it out on Amazon. You can also check out the book website

Contact Heidi

You can connect with Heidi on LinkedIn.

Heidi Helfand and me before the recording