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Episode 161 - OKRs: The Gateway Drug to Agility & Good Product Management (with Jeff Gothelf, Product Management Consultant & Co-author "Lean UX" )

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Episode 161: OKRs: The Gateway Drug to Agility & Good Product Management

Jeff Gothelf, Product Management Consultant & Co-author "Lean UX"

22 January 2023

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About the Episode

Jeff Gothelf is a product coach, author, speaker and trainer who is currently trying to get companies to work with outcomes, not outputs. He's written two classic books: Sense & Respond, and Lean UX, as well as a variety of other books covering various aspects of product management and design thinking.

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Episode highlights:

Lean, Agile & Design Thinking can get along

These came from different places, but the philosophies that underlie all of these ideas are the same: understanding our customers, working in shorter cycles, making decisions based on evidence, and continuously improving.

Managing for outcomes is the hinge that everything else pivots from

There are many principles of good product management, but moving away from output enables focus on the change in behaviour you want to see & have the humility to accept you don't have all the answers upfront

OKRs are the gateway drug to agility and good product management

OKRs are easy to explain, but difficult to implement. Used right, they can empower teams to make measurable impact towards an aspirational goal, without micromanagement or deciding on a fixed plan upfront.

OKRs are for teams, not individuals

OKRs enable teams to focus on impact, changing customer behaviour in a way that matters to their business & knowing whether they've succeeded. Cramming individual task lists into the OKR format doesn't achieve anything.

Change is scary & might not work the first time

Some people start with OKRs by mistake or give it a quarter & then give up. Using OKRs well takes work. If it's not working, make sure you have open & honest retros to understand whether it's fixable & whether you can try again.

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Check out Jeff's courses

Jeff is running some self-paced courses on OKRs, including in Spanish! Check them out here.

Contact Jeff

You can catch up with Jeff at his website. You can also connect with him on LinkedIn.

Jeff Gothelf and me before the recording