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Here's a list of old episodes in date order! There have been some great conversations so feel free to binge them all!

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Episode 34 - Product Management Lessons from a PM Turned Teacher Turned PM (with Melanie McKay)

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Episode 34 - Product Management Lessons from a PM Turned Teacher Turned PM (with Melanie McKay)
13 Feb 2021
Melanie McKay head shot
An interview with Melanie McKay. Melanie is Head of Consumer Product at Rightmove, the UK's largest property marketplace. I speak to Melanie about her journey into Product Management, her journey out of it into teaching computing to teenagers, and why she came back. She talks about some of the lessons she's learned in her career, her work with Product School, and much more.

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About the Episode

Melanie is the Head of Consumer Product at Rightmove, the UK's #1 property marketplace. She has worked in a number of Product Management roles, and took an interesting move into secondary school teaching in the middle. Since coming back to Product she's gone from strength to strength, including an appearance at Product School's ProductCon.

We talk about a lot, including:

  • How Product works at the biggest property marketplace in the UK and whether you get loads of weird requests you get when your TAM is pretty much the entire UK population
  • How she got into Product by mistake, and what she did to get good at it with no good information to lead her
  • Whether it is in fact harder for new PMs now because there is too much competing information for them
  • How her passion for education got her into teaching, how it was teaching computing to kids, and why she came back
  • What her experience of teaching taught her that she can use in her Product Management career
  • Getting involved with ProductCon and the importance of going outside of your comfort zone
  • Her well-received take on the classic PM Venn diagram, and how it's gone down with the PM community

And much more!

Melanie's work with Product School

You can check out Melanie's work with Product School, and her famous new Venn diagram here.

Contact Melanie

You can catch up with Melanie on LinkedIn or Twitter.