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Episode 153 - Using The Power of Community to Help you Thrive in a Generalist World (with Milly Tamati, Founder @ Generalist World)

Career Development
Growth Mindset

Episode 153: Using The Power of Community to Help you Thrive in a Generalist World

Milly Tamati, Founder @ Generalist World

27 November 2022

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27 November 2022 Milly Tamati head shot

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About the Episode

Milly Tamati is a former "Director of Miscellaneous" who travelled the world before settling in a tiny island off the coast of Scotland with 170 residents, a castle and a distillery. She's always been a generalist at heart and is now looking to support a global community of like-minded professionals with Generalist World.

A message from this episode's sponsor - One Knight Consulting

This episode is sponsored by One Knight Consulting. Yes, yes, that's me. But listen up. I started One Knight Consulting because I have seen variations of the same problems plaguing growing startups, scale-ups and larger, digitally transforming companies again & again. These problems can cause friction between teams, slow product development, lacklustre sales, and ultimately lead to constrained growth. If you're scaling your product organisation, struggling with cross-team alignment or having trouble executing your product strategy to support your business goals, book a call with me and we can discuss your needs and how I can help.

Episode highlights:

Not everyone needs to be a specialist, you could be a generalist!

Do you not fit neatly in a box? Do you consider yourself a jack of all trades/someone who wears many hats? You might be a generalist & there are lots of generalists out there. Embrace it and find your people!

The generalist sweet spot is in smaller companies & startups

All companies could benefit from good people, but startups especially need people to be the connectors, tie things together and solve whatever problems arise whatever the domain. Generalism is a superpower here.

If you've got a product that makes people's eyes light up then you're onto something

Milly started Generalist World by speaking to a few people, but every single person's eyes lit up & they were all super-passionate. This is a perfect signal that you're doing something right!

Applying a "Jobs to be Done" mentality to recruitment could be a step change in hiring practices

We can make hiring less transactional & more human by not just talking about job roles, but problems that you need to solve and the skills you need to solve them.

Milly believes in communities but believes 9 out of 10 will fail

It's just so easy to create a community these days. Companies & brands are jumping on board, doing the bare basics & leaving a ghost town behind. Companies need to be strategic & intentional to be successful.

Contact Milly

You can connect with Milly on Twitter, LinkedIn or check out Generalist World.

Milly Tamati and me before the recording