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Episode 148 - Getting the Narrative Right and Taking Web3 Products Mainstream (with Rachael Sacks, Crypto Storyteller & Founder @ Narrativ3)


Episode 148: Getting the Narrative Right and Taking Web3 Products Mainstream

Rachael Sacks, Crypto Storyteller & Founder @ Narrativ3

26 October 2022

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26 October 2022 Rachael Sacks head shot

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About the Episode

Rachael Sacks is a passionate advocate for crypto and Web3 who found fame when she popped up on the cover of the New York Post under the headline "Mean Little Rich Girl". She's now trying to demystify Web3 for curious users and traditional companies trying to get into the space.

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Episode highlights:

Getting onto the cover of the NY Post was hell but taught her so much

Being misrepresented taught her how things can be taken out of context, how to get better at writing & connecting with people outside of her bubble. This has proven helpful when writing about crypto.

Web3 is the natural progression of where the web is going

"If it ain't broke don't fix it" won't cut it. It is broken and it needs fixing. Web3 offers a chance of a future where everything is decentralised and you aren't owned by banks or corporations.

Web3 can be incomprehensible to newcomers & especially companies trying to get in

Rachael's trying to use her writing & communication skills to make Web3 accessible. She wants to avoid companies hiring clueless consultants and help companies make a real impact.

VCs and institutional investors are sniffing around Web3 but they need to be authentic

The same old Web2 investors have sensed a gold rush and are coming in to try to make money, but there's a strong sense of community and inauthentic people will quickly be sniffed out.

It's mass adoption or bust now

There's a lot of work going on to bring a proper consumer-grade experience to Web3 apps, which has been lacking but is getting better. There is also work going on to make people feel secure and that they won't lose all their money to hacks.

Contact Rachael

You can connect with Rachael on Twitter, or check out Narrativ3.

Rachael Sacks and me before the recording