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Episode 145 - Taking Recruitment into the Future with AI and Embracing the Metaverse (with Shaun Smith-Taylor, Co-Founder @ MyProductPath)

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Episode 145: Taking Recruitment into the Future with AI and Embracing the Metaverse

Shaun Smith-Taylor, Co-Founder @ MyProductPath

9 October 2022

9 October 2022 Shaun Smith-Taylor head shot

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About the Episode

Shaun Smith-Taylor is a self-described Product Geek and BBQ enthusiast who got so frustrated with the state of product management recruiting that he set up his own company to fix it. He's keen on AI, the metaverse and the possibilities of using them to bring technological advancement to recruitment and beyond.

Here are some highlights from the episode:

There's still a problem with the quality of product job specs

Half the time, companies don't seem to know what to ask for. This means they confuse candidates and get the wrong people applying for the jobs. A mixture of technology & human consulting is needed to fix this.

But there's also a problem with product management CVs

PMs talk about outcomes all the time but need to focus on outcomes in their CVs. Candidates stuff every single thing they've done into their CVs, with little connection to real results & often badly formatted or overlong.

Candidates are still paranoid about Applicant Tracking Systems

It's common for people to blame the ATS for all of their problems, but ATS systems always involve humans and aren't using as much fancy AI as some might claim. They're not perfect, but nothing is.

The people the AI is trained on can be just as biased as the AI

All people have unconscious biases, and some are downright prejudiced. We should always do what we can to limit the chance of bias, and doing so isn't a personal attack on the hiring manager.

There are metaverse applications for recruitment

In a world of remote working & different working preferences in general, the metaverse may open up opportunities around in-person assessments as well as remote working. But we've got a long way to go before we get there.

A message from my sponsor - me!

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Contact Shaun

You can hit Shaun up on LinkedIn, or check out MyProductPath.

Shaun Smith-Taylor and me before the recording